REVOLUTION RADIO Playlist for January 1, 2011

DOA – Marijuana Motherf*cker
Dayglo Abortions – Marijuanathon
Hellyeah – Alcohaulin’ Ass
Suicidal Tendencies –  We’re F**kin Evil
Rocktruck – Bootleg Case
Black Tusk – Falling Down
Horfixion – Twisted Inner Mind
The Matadors – Hellhound
Butthole Surfers – Birds
Speedealer – Rip n Destroy
Gwar – Maggots
The Melvins – Copache
Superjoint Ritual – The Alcoholik
Pantera – By Demons Be Driven
Monster Magnet – Tractor
The Gits – Another Shot of Whiskey
UK Subs – Beer Police
Municipal Waste – Beer Pressure
BGK – Pill Party
The Minutemen – Maybe Partying Will Help

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

About the author

Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.