Norris – The Great White North preview (due March 2011)

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Norris.  Check out this awesome extreme metal band from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  These guys have been regularly releasing music and touring since 2005.  Since then, they have toured Canada multiple times and have released two awesome independently-released EP’s  – Ladies and Gentlemen, We Regret to Inform you that Our Worldwide Anthem is an Explosion (EP, 2005)  and Bone Crusher (EP, 2008).

This Canadian band has recently signed to Year of the Sun records which has distribution through Sonic Unyon (in Canada) and Relapse Records (in the United States).  The band has spent most of 2010 writing and recording their new full-length, their first to be released by Year of the Sun Records, which has an official drop-date of March, 2011.  The following video gives a sneak preview of the punishment that will be unleashed when this album drops.

Norris – The Great White North (preview)

This intense Canadian band has shared the stage with a ton of other top-notch bands such as

Don’t be one of those dicks that waits until all their friends gets into a band before checking them out.  Start listening to this band now before they are huge, and then you’ll be able to tell all your friends that you used to listen to Norris waaaay back in the day before their first full-length was released.  Check out the following videos for some older material:

Norris – King George Would Be Turning In His Grave (Live)

Also, check out the Norris Myspace page for up-to-date info about the band, tours and release dates.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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