Punk Rock Canada: Crash’n’Burn Documentary


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Check out this documentary about punk rock from Canada circa 1977. The film features Teenage Head, the Dishes, Nazi Dog and the Viletones. The film includes interviews with David W. Buchan, Peter Goddard, Danny Fields and Gary Cormier. Parts of this Canadian documentary were shot at the Toronto venues Crash’n’Burn and the New Yorker Theater in June of 1977. The remainder of the footage is from CBGB’s and Times Square Motor Inn in New York City during a tour to New York on July 7 and July 8, 1977.

The documentary was narrated by Mike Fitzgerald and was directed and produced by Peter Vronsky (CBLT-CBC TV)

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.