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Exclusive Interview with Topon Das

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F*ck the Facts is a Canadian band from Ottawa, Ontario that began in the late nineties as a solo recording project by guitarist Topon Das. After many early split tapes, F*ck the Facts was assembled as a live band in 2001, the same year their first full-length, entitled Discoing the Dead, was released. The band plays “bastardized grindcore” and “mullet-core”. The following exclusive interview with Topon Das was conducted by Dr. Destrukto in 2010.

For more information on F*ck the Facts, check out their myspace.

1. I see from your Facebook page that you guys have been very busy lately touring and releasing new music. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Is there anything Canadians in particular should be on the lookout for?

Well it’s not very often that we’re not really busy, it just happened that a bunch of things that have been in the works for awhile all managed to get done around the same time. So we released our ‘Unnamed’ 7” EP at the end of February, and now we’re just about to release our first ever DVD ‘Disgorge Mexico: The DVD’ on May 11th. Both of these releases are being put out completely independently, so we’re limiting the quantity to just 500 copies of each. Besides that, we got our next full length album in the works. We spent most of January tracking it in a new home studio that we’re putting together. But with the European tour we did in March and all this other stuff we got going on, we decided to put it aside for a bit and we’ll probably get back on it in June after this upcoming US tour. I’m thinking we’ll probably release it in early 2011. I’m sure we’ll get some more Canadian shows together before the year is done, but nothing is solid just yet. You’ll have to keep an eye out.

2. You have gone through a few members in the past but now you seem to finally have a very solid band with Vil and Marc. How do you feel this version of the band compares to previous variations of the band and do you expect this lineup to be permanent?

It’s definitely settled down on the revolving door of members. It used to be that people would be here for about 1-2 years on average, but Vil’s been in the band for 5 years now and even though we only recently announced Marc, he’s already been playing with us for over 2 years already. I never expect any line-up to be permanent anymore. I would love to keep doing this for a long time and to think that everyone will still be here and into it 10 or even 5 years down the road, is not really realistic. There’s no doubt that I am super stoked on the current line-up we have and there has definitely never been a time that it was more ‘fun’ to be in F*ck The Facts then now, but I’ve learned before that everything can change in an instant.

3. Have you ever found it hard to promote your band due to the fact that there is a curse word in the band name?

I guess sometimes, but it’s not something we concern ourselves with. Most of the times it’s not an issue, but when it is, we can usually work around it. Our CD is never going to be in Wal-Mart or anything like that, but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

4. How did Marc get the gig? Did he audition or did you just know that he was right?

After our last tour for ‘Stigmata High-Five’ we parted ways with our bass player at the time; Steve. We went and recorded ‘Disgorge Mexico’ with just Vil & I handling all the bass tracks, and this recording was followed by a break of a few months. When we started up again and were booking shows, we needed a bass player and a 2nd guitarist. I got my friend Leigh from a band called Daiquiri to play guitar and asked a few people to play bass, but couldn’t find anyone that could do it. We had already been friends with Marc and his now previous band Tugnut, so I knew they we’ren’t really doing any shows at the time. I asked him if he would fill in for the Psyopus tour we did in January 2008 and he agreed. He did the tour and I thought that would be it, because anyone that remembers Tugnut knows how crazy busy they were. But a few weeks later I get a phone call from Marc and he says Tugnut is done, so if we need him for anymore touring he’ll do it. Even before any of this happened, Mel and I used to talk and we always mentioned Marc as the perfect bass player for the band, but we never once thought that it would actually happen.

5. Do you feel that having a female vocalist has helped your band’s success?

It definitely has made some people take notice that might not have, but at the same time there’s people that will write us off because of it. We didn’t purposefully try and get a female singer; it’s just one of those things that happened. But considering the amount of music we sell and people that come see us live, I don’t think it’s attributed to any sort of ‘success’.

6. You guys are known for playing extremely advanced technical music. Do you ever have any plans of slowing down and putting out an MTV-friendly power ballad?

Really? I’m sure some people would vomit if you were to say we’re ‘extremely advanced technical musicians’. I might even vomit, now that I think about it. We got tons of slow song and tons of fast songs and a whole lot of stuff in between, we really don’t worry about shit when we write. I’m sure we have some songs that some people would call even ‘MTV-friendly power ballads’. We just do what we do and that’s that. I seriously think that the best thing we could do if we wanted to ‘sell out’, would be to become a straight up grind band. That would isolate our audience and make it easier for a label to market us. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just playing old school grind, or really whatever the f*ck anyone wants to do. But that’s not us, and if we did it we would be lying to ourselves and everyone else.

7. If you could give some advice to aspiring underground musicians in Canada, what would it be?

If you really want to do something, just f*cking do it. Don’t look for an easy answer or short cut. If you love playing music and you want to tour and release records, you can do it. There’s always a way, it might not be easy and it might take a few times of trying to finally get it done, but it will happen if you work hard. Just stay focused and don’t listen to any bullshit happening around you.

8. What do you think has been F*ck the Facts key to moving from the Canadian underground out into the international metal scene?

Since I started it has always been international. When FTF was just a recording project, I did tons of tape trading (and then CDrs when that became possible), so the very first people that were getting the recordings were in Europe. I can remember there weren’t very many places in Canada that I was corresponding with. The very first places to release FTF tapes, splits and records (besides myself) were from Holland, Italy, Germany and the US. It’s more when the band started in 2001 that we moved into the Canadian scene, playing shows here, touring and working with Canadian labels.

9. You guys recently toured Europe. How do you feel the scene and crowds over there compare to Canada?

There’s no night and day difference for us anywhere we’ve toured. We play shows to less then 20 people to more then 200 people, and it’s a total craps shoot what it will be on any given night where ever we are in the world. Europe is still really new to us, since we did our first tour there in 2009. But it is really exciting being somewhere totally different and in general the comforts of touring Europe aren’t really matched in North America. Crowd wise, it’s hard to say, like I said; every show is different. Perhaps because it’s new, Europeans have been a bit more excited to see us. We’ve been touring Canada for over 8 years now, so people know we’re coming and many have seen us before. But Europe has people that have been listening to the band for years, but never got the chance to see us, so it’s new and exciting for everyone. We’ll see how it is after we’ve been to Europe ten times.

10. Lastly, what are some of your favourite bands that you have been listening to at the moment?

I’m really into The Black Heart Procession right now and in general a flurry of ‘Black’ bands: Black Sabbath, Black Mountain & Blacklisted. Also digging the new Bison B.C., Barnburner, Gaza, Magrudergrind, Abominable Iron Sloth & Year Of No Light.

Thank you for time ladies and gents!

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.