Interview with Durell Smith of COPE

Cope is a Canadian metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  The following exclusive interview was conducted by Dr. Destrukto in 2010.

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0.5 Who are you?
My name is Durell Smith, and i play drums in Cope.

1 What has your band been up to lately?
Recording a new 10″ record, writing a lot, playing shows, having fun

2 How is the Edmonton music scene treating you guys?
The Edmonton scene is amazing, one of the best in Canada! Awesome bands and awesome people. The shows here are nuts and everyone is greeted warmly, especially new kids. The way it should be

3 According to your Myspace site, you guys are on xTRUEx Records and Just Say No! Records.  How did you get in touch with these companies and how have they helped you get a foothold in the music scene?
xTRUEx is ran by a guy named Nathan who has been the life and blood of the Edmonton scene for so long, we’ve been playing shows that he’s put on for years. We recorded the EP intending to release it on CD only, but Nate came to us and wanted to release it on vinyl, so he did. Taylor is the guy who runs Just Say No!, we haven’t released anything with him officially but he’s always been there to help us out and we try to support JSN! as much as we can. We met him on our first tour, he put out a split 7″ for the band we were touring with.

4 Are you guys planning on releasing a full length album any time soon?
Yes, we want too. Right now we’re working on getting this new 10″ record out, “Cope & St. Gilles”, a collaboration album with noise artist St. Gilles. Soon after that is a split 7″ with Brain Fever, and then hopefully the full length.

5 What do you think is an important thing for Canadian musicians to remember about our national metal scene?
It’s fun. That’s it. It’s not a popularity contest or an elite meeting, it’s something kids can turn to when everything else is shitty. They can just come to a show, listen to loud abrasive music, unwind and vent, and feel good about it.

6 How do you think the Canadian metal scene compares to other countries?

I really wouldn’t know, i haven’t had the opportunity to visit or witness any international scene. All the touring bands we’ve encountered have said Canada is always great, so i’ll go with that.

7 What are some of your favourite bands or albums at the moment?
Cursed, the whole discography, always and forever. But also lately a lot of American Football, Cult Ritual, the new Celeste album is unreal, Sunn, Earth. Lots of noisy hardcore and drone metal.

8 Do you have any advice for aspiring local musicians in Canada?

DO IT! Keep working at it! If you love what you do, you’ll make it work for you.

9 If you could go back in time and change one thing that has hindered your band’s success, what would it be?
Nothing really, i don’t look at this band as being “successful” or not. There have been shitty shows and times amongst the awesome times, but that’s life. You have to deal with it. I think we’d be complete hypocrites if we said anything else.

10 I understand that you guys will be touring this summer.  Can you give our readers a brief rundown on the tours and the major markets you will be hitting, and which bands you will be playing with?

We’ll be going across Canada in mid August, stopping at most major Canadian cities (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal ect). The dates should be posted soon so keep an eye out!

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Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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