Interview with Ian Chains of CAULDRON

Cauldron is an old school sounding heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that formed in 2006.   The band features Jason Decay on bass and vocals, Ian Chains on guitar and Chris Steve on drums.

Cauldron’s new album “Burning Fortune” is available February 15th, 2011.  You can pre-order it now from Earache Records.  Check out the Cauldron Myspace page for Eastern Canada tour dates throughout February.

The following exclusive interview was conducted by Destrukto in February, 2011.

1 First off, introduce yourself and specify what instrument(s) you play in the band.

Hello, I’m Ian Chains and I play guitar in Cauldron.

2 How did the band get together and form?

Jason used to be in the band Goat Horn from something like ’99 until 2006.  When they broke up I heard he was looking for a new guitarist so I tried out and joined the band.  This was summer ’06.  I think there was only a month between Goat Horn disbanding and Cauldron forming.  The original Cauldron lineup had Al Chambers on drums who was also in Rammer at the time.  He later quit left to join Toxic Holocaust.  Afterwards Steel Rider from Goat Horn filled in for a while and played drums on “Chained to the Nite”.  We needed a touring drummer so we hired Chris Rites from Kill Cheerleader who was in the band for a year.  Our permanent drummer is Chris Steve who’s been in the band since summer ’09, and hopefully years to come!

3 What was important initially that allowed the band to gain some success?

I think the band had a bit of a running start thanks to the cult status of Goat Horn.  I think what helped the most though was playing the Keep It True fest in ’07, which led to having our “Into the Cauldron” EP pressed on vinyl by the German label New Iron Age, which is no longer around.  I think a lot of people discovered the band through that record, including Earache.

4 How has the Internet helped the band?

I’m pretty sure a shit load of people wouldn’t have heard of us if it wasn’t for Myspace.  Now that Myspace is no longer relevant, people can still listen to us on Youtube and download our albums off metal blogs.

5 How do you think your hometown scene compares to other cities you’ve played?

I think every city has a circle of 5 or so bands who always play shows together.  That’s how it is for us anyway.  It’s pretty difficult to pick up on scenes in cities you’re playing in when you’re only there for a day.  I’m sure they’re no different though.

cauldron tour dates

6 How do you think the Canadian metal scene compares to other countries?

It must seem pretty exotic to Europeans or South Americans when we’re way up here in the great white north.  There’s the classic bands from here that everyone knows worldwide, like Razor, Anvil, Sacrifice, Exciter etc. and then a slew of new bands doing the same thing.  That’s how it is everywhere.  I could go on about the exact same thing going on in Sweden.

7 What is your favourite gig that you have ever played?

One that comes to mind was playing in Anaheim, CA at this all ages place called Chain Reaction, opening for Municipal Waste.  The place was packed with kids all sweating and drinking Mountain Dew.  We’re a very mid-paced band, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a constant circle pit for our entire set at any other show.  It was pretty ridiculous actually!

8 Is music your full-time job?

It’s our part-time job.  The other half of our lives is spent wasting away in retail trying to pay our rent.  Making the band our full-time job is the dream basically, no matter how badly we scrape by doing it.

9 If you could give some advice to aspiring underground musicians in Canada, what would it be?

Dig through the delete bin and listen to everything you can get your hands on, write some songs, and stop singing about thrash, ninja turtles and moshing, for Satan’s sake!

10 Lastly, what are some of your favourite bands that you have been listening to at the moment?

Piled next to my record player right now is More “Blood & Thunder”, H-Bomb “Coup de Metal”, Panther “Panther”, Pantera “Projects in the Jungle”, Volture “Shocking Its Prey”, and Cauldron “Burning Fortune”!

You can pre-order Cauldron’s new release Burning Fortune on Amazon as well as purchase the band’s critically acclaimed release 2009 full length Chained to the Nite.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.