Interview with Allison Thunderland of SKULL FIST

Skull Fist is a heavy metal band from {{Toronto}}, {{Ontario}}, {{Canada}}.  According to Blabbermouth, the band “fuses together the best musical traits and finesse of such legendary acts as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, SAXON and underground sensations RIOT, TOKYO BLADE and JAG PANZER.”  In 2010, the band released their debut EP “Heavier Than Metal.”  The band is currently preparing to record and release their debut full-length.  Check out Skull Fist’s merch store.

1 First off, introduce yourself and specify what instrument(s) you play in the band.
Hey! I’m Alison and I am the drummer

2 What was important initially that allowed the band to gain some success from just another basement/garage band and got you into touring and releasing albums?
Well, we always wanted to tour, and the Canadian tour we did we put on ourselves, Jackie planned it all out, called some places and we managed to get an east coast and west coast Canadian tour done! I guess a lot of motivation, time and a bit of luck and recording and EP doesn’t hurt haha! But definately a lot of hard work on Jackie’s part he put the whole thing together, if I had booked the thing we might have ended up playing at Chuck E’ Cheese!

3 You are known for playing and being huge fans of classic sounding metal. Being a younger band, what got you into classic metal and made you want to play classic metal full-time?
For me personally, I had not idea what heavy metal was until I was about 12 or 13. Went into my brother’s room, took a Metallica album and haven’t looked back since! We all love the classic stuff of course, but I don’t think any one of us are strictly restricted to one genre. I listen to stuff from Saxon to Dissection its just a matter of good music in my opinion, it doesn’t matter the genre. I don’t know if our music could strictly be called classic metal either, I just think of it as heavy metal, we have a lot of influences that come out in all of our playing be it individual or as a band.

4 How has the Internet helped the band?
In this day and age you can’t avoid the internet, it seems that if you don’t use it you ain’t getting anywhere! Stuff like Myspace and Facebook and eveb MSN has really helped us get to people outside of Canada, even outside of our city, especially since the metal scene here isn’t really big enough to just go on the good old tape trading scene anymore. People in Australia wouldn’t have a clue about us if we didn’t have it.

5 How do you think your hometown scene compares to other cities you’ve played?
I think Toronto’s pretty good, we’re a fairly big city and good shows can definately be pulled off, but if you compare it to any city in Europe it looks like….well its a shame really. It’s difficult to find that kind of dedication in Canada, not to say it doens’t exist it certainly does, but it’s deinately not the same here. Toronto compared to other Canadian cities? Well we’ve had great shows and some not so great ones on both the west and east coast tour, but overall people still come out and we’ve had some pretyt crazy people show up, really makes your night haha.

6 How do you think the Canadian metal scene compares to other countries?
Looks like I killed two birds with one stone on the lat question, but I think that the traditional types of metal live on more strongly in European countries, where as in Canada and America the newer types of metal like the new thrash, death and metalcore bands are getting bigger. It’s almost impossible to play a show in a Canadian city without being on the bill with a thrash or death metal band, its way more common, no one plays our kind of metla here I guess!

7 What is your favourite gig that you have ever played?
Jeez, that’s a tough one. We’ve played big shows and small shows and believe me they both bring it to the table. We did just play the Metal Assault Festival in Germany, that was really awesome, met some true metalheads there! Another one of my favourites was when we played Banff in Canada, it was just a bar but the people made the night! We also played with a fellow Canadian band Striker which made my night even better, those guys are truly talented, they play great music!

8 Is music your full-time job?
Unfortunately it doesn’t quite pay the bills so we all work, for the past couple years I’ve been working as a Veterinarian Assistant haha saving all the puppies! But we’re pushing man, its gotta pay off one day!!

9 If you could give some advice to aspiring underground musicians in Canada, what would it be?
Underground musicians? I was an underground musician until I met Jackie, I used to go home after school and play the drums by myself, I was the only one of my friends who listened to metal, I think there were like 5 metalheads in my school so I was a total loner in that respect, but you just gotta find the right people man! Gotta get out and find other people like you who just wanna play the damn music! I played with a couple bands before but there was nothing there, just instruments playing notes without meaning, you gotta find the right people man!

10 Lastly, what are some of your favourite bands that you have been listening to at the moment?
Ah wow this might be a long list haha, uhhh, Striker said those guys already, Saxon I love those guys, the new Blind Guardian album came out in January and I can’t play that one enough! Gamma Ray’s also got a new one, along with Rhapsody of Fire so they’re all getting the shit played out of them! I’ve never really liked female singers ( except for Doro OF COURSE!) but I heard the newest Nightwish album and I actually liked it, looking forward to the next one, it’s not gonna be out for a while and the guitar player from Sonata Arctica (Jani) and Timo kotipelto from Stratovarious made a band a couple years ago called Cain’s Offering, they got some good stuff on their first (and only I think) album. If i keep talking this list will go out into space so I think we’ll leave it at that!

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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