Rites of thy Degringolade – An Ode To Sin

An Ode To Sin was an album released in 2005 by the black/death metal band Rites of thy Degringolade from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The album features songs like In The Name of Rites, Asylums and Thirst. My favourite song on the album is definitely Of Purist Impurity. The song sounds sooo much like Altars of Madness Morbid Angel, which I am a huge fan of. Some of the other songs on the album are more standard black metal fare and there are also a few moments of noisescapes. Overall, I enjoy the album although it is highly derivative of the aforementioned Morbid Angel as well as a host of other early black and death metal pioneers.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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