Montreal Death Metal Legends Cryptopsy

Cryptopsy is a technical death metal band that formed in 1988 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band is legendary in the Canadian death metal scene known for its innovation in the genre, speed, technicality and intense music and vocals. The band started in 1988 under the name Necrosis by Mike Atkin, Steve Thibault and Dan Greening (aka Lord Worm). Throughout its history, Cryptopsy has gone through numerous lineup changes. As such, the band soon replaced Atkin with Flo Mounier on drums and the origins of Cryptopsy were soon born after when Cryptopsy officially became a band in 1992.

Blasphemy Made Flesh (1994)

Cryptopsy released its first official album, Blasphemy Made Flesh, in 1994. The album was first released independently but was picked up by German record label Invasion Records. The band gained a large following in the underground Canadian metal scene after the release of Blasphemy Made Flesh.

None So Vile (1996)

Cryptopsy released None So Vile in 1996 on Swedish record label Wrong Again Records. At this point, a near-classic lineup of Lord Worm, Flo Mounier, Jon Levasseur and Eric Langlois was in place and as a result, None So Vile is regarded by many fans as being their best album. It was during this time that many fans and record labels took attention of Cryptopsy after thir appearace at Milwaukee Metalfest in 1997.

Whisper Supremacy (1998)

Whisper Surpremacy was Cryptopsy’s third album, released in 1998 on Century Media. Mike DiSalvo replaced Lord Worm due to Lord Worm’s focus on his career as an English teacher, and his dislike for the more experimental elements that Cryptopsy’s music was taking at the time. Shortly after the release of Whisper Supremacy, the band participated in their first tour of the United States which greatly increased their international fanbase.

…And Then You’ll Beg (2000)

…And Then You’ll Beg was released in 2000 and featured new guitarist Alex Auburn which cemented the the end of the classic Cryptopsy Era. Shortly after, Mike DeSalvo was replaced by Martin LaCriox.

Once Was Not (2005)

Cryptopsy released Once Was Not in 2005 featuring the return of their original frontman, Lord Worm, and featured the lineup of Lord Worm, Flo Mounier, Eric Langlois and Alex Auburn. Not long after the release of Once Was Not, Chris Donalson was named as the new second guitarist.

The Unspoken King (2008)

After Lord Worm’s second departure from the band in 2007, Cryptopsy hired a young singer named Matt McGathy and released the album The Unspoken King in 2008 along with new keyboardist Maggie Durand. This album suffered a huge backlash from both fans and critics who seemingly hated the band’s new direction which included elements of numetal and the album featured a sizable amount of never-heard-before “clean melodic singing” along with the more typical low grunts and high screaming.

In 2009, Alex Auburn announced that he had quit Cryptopsy. The band is currently in “what the f**K?” mode. What will the future hold for Cryptopsy? Will they release another album with McGrath full of songs that no one wants to listen to? Or will they try to get Lord Worm back and salvage their reputation? Feel free to comment if you have anything you want to add about this ongoing saga in Canadian death metal history!

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