NEW RELEASE: Norris – The Great White North

Check out Thunder Bay extreme metal band Norris’ new full length album The Great White North out now on Year of the Sun Records. Described as “a crushing assault on the senses”, this album is a must-have for any serious fan of heavy music. The band has been known for very intense live shows since they started playing in 2005 and this album is a good representation of the chaotic metal that they play. Check out the Norris myspace page for more info on the band and links to other merch. You can see a commercial for the album below:

Purchase the album here.

Track List:

1. The Great White North
2. De-Evolution of Music
3. Economics Without Ecology
4. The Dregs
5. Peasant
6. Jesus Heist
7. Food For Thought
8. Playing The Role
9. Chump Change

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.