Revolution Radio Playlist for April 16, 2011

Stick around for a bunch of crazy music found only on Revolution Radio every single Friday night super late on 102.7FM in Thunder Bay and for streaming on the Internet.

Municipal Waste – Mind Eraser
Sepultura – Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)
Pantera – Floods
Anthrax & Public Enemy – Bring the noise

Dillinger Escape Plan – Farewell, Mona Lisa
Monster – Bike Song
Endast – This is all there is ****
Merciless – Nuclear Attack

Slayer – Aggressor Perfector
Venom – Bleeding
The Haunted – Narcotic
Gorguts – Inverted

Grip Inc. – War Between One
Burnt By The Sun – Inner Station
Dwarves – Demonica
Voivod – thrashing rage ****
Cryptopsy – In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky is Mortal

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

About the author

Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.