Should Nickelback stop making music?

Over 50,000 people think that highly successful Canadian rock band Nickelback should stop making music according to a petition started by a Detroit resident who doesn’t want the band to perform during the Thanksgiving Day halftime football show. What do you think? Comments welcome below. Personally, I really don’t care for Nickleback’s music, their attitude, their songwriting or their looks. I think they are a poor choice to be a candidate for representing Canadian music when there are so many more talented yet not-as-successful Canadian bands (just google Nomeansno for example.) Of course, I am a bit of realist. I know that my opinion is small and singular. 50,000 people don’t want Nickelback to perform. Yet they’ve sold over one million albums. So uhhh … do some math, people.

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Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.