The Tea Party back for good

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Tea Party lead singer/guitarist says that the Canadian rock power trio from Windsor, Ontario have decided to officially announce that the band is back permanently. They have plans to release a new album and are currently touring throughout Canada. Martin said: “I don’t think the three of us really knew what to expect when I flew to Canada back in July. It was a case of, Can we get back together after six years of not speaking to one another and not playing music? And can we get along?

Although there was a bit of tension at first, from the first notes we played, the magic was undeniable. And then with the shows themselves, we just felt this momentum building. So we’re already talking about what to do when this run in Canada is over. The next step will be for them to come to Australia in the new year, not only to tour, but also to record new music.”

The band broke up in 2005 after Martin left Canada for Australia to pursue a solo career. In response to a question of whether they are doing this for the money, he said “I’m pretty sure I can speak for the other two and say we really don’t need the money. We’ve been very successful individually. I’d be a fool to say it’s not great to be rewarded for what you do. But no, it’s not a case of us needing the money at all.”

Check out The Tea Party on the following upcoming Canadian tour dates:

Nov. 15 & 16 | Vancouver | Commodore Ballroom
Nov. 18 | Edmonton | Event Centre
Nov. 19 | Calgary | Flames Central
Nov. 23 | Winnipeg | Burton Cummings Theatre
Nov. 24 | Thunder Bay | Roxy’s
Nov. 28 | Kitchener | Elements
Nov. 29 | London | Cowboys Ranch
Dec 1 | Toronto | Sound Academy
Dec 3 | Hamilton | Hamilton Place

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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