Nephelium set release date for new album, reveal details

Nephelium are set to release their new album “Coils of Entropy” on February 7, 2012. This extreme metal band is originally from Dubai in the Middle East but has re-established themselves in Toronto, Ontario.

“From the scorching heat of the Arabian deserts to the blistering cold of what we now call home, this debut album has literally and figuratively come a long way. The aged yet modern style of death metal with a subtle integration of Middle Eastern melodies is a perfect musical collaboration of our minds and souls. A ferocious ride with concepts and lyrical themes written around the observations of an entity witnessing the world and its demise through different eras and music that creeps up the caverns of your brain, be ready for a hybrid onslaught of technical mastery and bloodcurdling brutality. We firmly believe that it was well worth the wait but don’t take our word for it, give it a spin and determine that for yourselves. However, don’t cry when your speakers demolish your insides…you were warned…” comments Nephelium co-founder and drummer Alan Madhavan.

Samples from Nephelium’s six-track album show a balance between technical death metal, old school metal and Arabian melodies. The samples can be heard streaming on their bandcamp page.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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