Patron Saint of Plagues receives MuchFact Viral Video Award

The Canadian Horror Rock band – Patron Saint Of Plagues – is proud to announce that they recently received the MuchFact Viral Video Award. In association with Horror Morior, the band will be filming a music video for the namesake song from their most recent full-length record entitled “Things Arn’t What They Seem”. Frontman Opi Saint remarks, “We’ve already finished pre-production for the video. It’s going to be dark, a little twisted, and packed with the macabre sense of humour that PSOP is known for.” The MuchFact award is a groundbreaking production fund exclusively funded by Much Music, MuchMore, and Bell Media. Established in 1984, the goal was to increase the number of quality music videos produced in Canada.

Patron Saint Of Plagues is currently touring Canada, and this video will mark the final single release from their most recent record. The Horror Rockers are know for having an eerily vaudevillian image, a high octane stage show, and for telling “Scary Tales”. For more information on the band, their music, and their upcoming shows visit:

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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