“Holy shit, these new Cryptopsy songs are actually pretty good?”

Cryptopsy recently announced plans for release their newest album for mid-September of 2012.  Check out the pre-release sale here.  That link also has two free downloads of tracks from the album as sneak previews.

The album was recorded at Garage Studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The drums were recorded at Flo’s studio.  The album was produced by Chris Donaldson and Cryptopsy with Engineering and mixing by Chris Donaldson and mastering at Badass Studio by Jef Fortin.  Artwork and Design by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie www.eftemie.com. Band Photos by Anthony Dubois www.anthonydubois.fr

Track Listing:

Shag Harbour’s Visitors
Damned Draft Dodgers
Amputated Enigma
The Golden Square Mile
Cleansing the Hosts
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CryptopsyMetal
E-mail: contact@cryptopsy.ca

Cryptopsy is:
Matt McGachy – vocals
Jon Levasseur – rhythm and lead guitars
Chris Donaldson – rhythm and lead guitars
Olivier Pinard – bass guitar
Flo Mounier – drums and backing vocals

According to metalsucks.net, the new tracks are actually pretty good!
“After their last album, which was so bad that the only thing I can remember about its title is that the word “king” was in there somewhere, Cryptopsy have some ‘splainin’ to do. But hip-hip-hooray, the band seems to be fully aware that they need to make that last piece of shit up to their fans, which is more than I can say for some bands that follow up their crap albums with crap remix albums. So not only did they recently reward fans who pre-ordered their new, self-titled album with downloads of the first two cuts from that record — which doesn’t come out for another month — but, even more importantly, they made sure that those songs are GOOD.Like, really good. Like, I think you have to be a real stupid cry-baby face not to like them. They’re fast. They’re technical. They’re proggy. They’re HEAVY AS FUCK. They’re gonna make assholes like me stop making fun of this band. In short: they restore Cryptopsy’s good name.” –metalsucks.net

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Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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