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deathpoint hamilton ontarioHamilton’s DEATHPOINT are releasing their first album with SPREAD THE METAL RECORDS on October 1st called SINISTER.

They are playing the upcoming Spread The Metal Festivals. The first is on August 24th at The Marquee Ballroom.  They will play again on September 8th at The Opera House.    There is also a show coming up in Ottawa at the Rainbow Bistro (with The Catalyst).

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Deathpoint is a melodic groove metal band with a passion for persistence.  Deathpoint released their debut album “Fixation” on May 7th 2010 and was followed up with their EP “Suffer” in August 2011.  The writing process began again within six months of releasing “Suffer,” and by August 2012 they began recording the new album “Sinister.” It will feature their new vocalist Tom Emmans.  Deathpoint signed with Spread The Metal Records in April 2013 and Deathpoint are ready to release their sophomore album “Sinister” on October 1st, 2013.  Right now there will be a Canada-wide tour beginning with the east coast in late August including the Spread The Metal Festivals in Halifax and Toronto with Suffocation, Kittie, Deicide, and many others.  Deathpoint will be pushing through western Canada in early September, eager to not only experience the vastness of their home country but also do what they love the most – metal.  Their first single is getting radio airplay in the United States and Canada and the title track called “Sinister”.



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