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trainwreck architectWith fast and heavy grooves, screaming solos and powerful vocals, Montreal’s Trainwreck Architect will bring you back to the roots of metal with a few surprises along the way. The band is currently gearing up to unleash their debut album Traits of The Sick officially on November 12, 2013. The self described wreck n’ roll band have put together a ten track head banging party featuring an eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal and rock.

1. What is your name and what instrument(s) do you play in Trainwreck Architect?

I’m Simon and i sing, scream and make all kinds of noise.

2. Annihilator’s Jeff Waters mastered your album and played a guest solo on a song. What was he like to work with and did you feel you learn something by working with one of Canada’s metal legends?

He’s very professional and know’s what he’s doing. It took him a day and he recorded an awesome solo on our song ” As Killers Breathe” and i love it because it goes into this very Annihilator kind of melody during the solo. It reminds me of ” Never,Neverland” Era Annihilator which is one of my favorite thrash albums. From speaking with Jeff in the past I learned thats its a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll to quote AC/DC Here.

3.You guys play metal mixed with thrash and rock. How did you start listening to this style of music and what made you decide to start the band?

I think our sound of Thrash mixed with Rock is just very natural . We’re all into such different music that when it all comes together something awesome comes out. I first got into Metal music through Professional Wrestling if you can believe that. There was a Promotion called ECW and a lot of the guys came out to metal tunes back then and my virgin ears loved it. Ok lets be honest, my ears weren’t the only Virgin thing about me being a Wrestling fan back then.” Hey Babe, Wanna come over And watch that Barbed Wire Cage Match?” Didn’t float to well with the ladies. I started the band with one of my best buddies, Raza. We Actually used to play black metal in our younger days.This band is made purely of love for music and it’s a great escape to rock crowds, meet all these cool people. I look forward to so much More.

4. As an independent band, does that pay the bills or do you also have a regular job?

We all definitely have regular jobs. A lot of our time and money goes into this band because we love and believe in it so god damn much. My paycheck from this band is seeing smiles on peoples faces and the joy music can bring to people is such a fantastic connection.

5. Your live show has been reputed to be very entertaining and high energy.What gives you the motivation to go out and give it your 100% night after night?

We’re absolutely everywhere live because we simply love that rush, It’s the ultimate high. Personally, I get Thrills and Chills when people scream and that kind of energy is beautiful to me. Even if we’re feeling ten percent as soon as we hit the stage that all changes. Big crowd, Small crowd, No crowd. We’re in another world.

6. How is the Montreal metal scene treating you guys?

The metal scene is so vast here. So much going on that i can’t even keep up with but A lot of bands are really extreme in terms of sound over here and don’t get me wrong Trainwreck Architect can get aggressive and extreme as hell when we feel like it but it’s not all we’re about. All In all It’s a great Metal scene and there’s so many great local bands. The best city for metal music. The end.

7. How do you think the Canadian music scene compares to other countries?

We’ve got a lot of unique bands. The underground is where it’s at. I’ve been digging Canadian Country man Joel Kaiser A lot. It’s like badass rebel country with very american instruments from Canada. It’s so cool.

8. Any words of advice for younger musicians just starting out in the metal scene?

Just be yourself. Play the music that you want too and don’t bullshit yourself either or let your mind get mixed up With other peoples opinions of music and what they like. Play what you love and play from your heart.

9. What are some of your favorite bands that you’ve been listening to at the moment?

A lot of different bands.I’m constantly cranking Hank III. He’s got a new punk album out that i’m digging. Black Joe Lewis is great, it’s like Funky soulful kind of rock. James Hunnicutt. Possessed By Paul James. I’m totally into 70’s metal like Hard Attack From the band Dust or Volcanic Rock from Buffalo. One of my Current favorite albums is Kingdom Come from Sir Lord Baltimore. The heaviest thing i’m enjoying is the latest Phil Anselmo Album.

10. What can fans expect next from Trainwreck Architect?

Expect the unexpected with us. We’re writing all the time and there’s always something new and interesting going on.

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