Vancouver’s Tim Gerwing releases fifth studio album “Scorpius Rising”

tim gerwing scorpius risingAmbient/Electronic/World musician Tim Gerwing has released his fifth studio LP entitled “Scorpius Rising.” The album was released on November 20, 2013. The album takes listeners on a journey through ambient, electronic and Arabic-influenced music.

“I am a humanist,” says Gerwing. “I don’t really like relying on a computer program for ideas or execution. I try to frame electronic music as a human rather than mechanical experience by playing my instruments as honestly as possible. Scorpius Rising offers listeners the opportunity to take on the role of co-creator, providing a sort of inner canvas upon which to paint their emotional, psychological, and other responses.”

Scorpius Rising is a markedly different body of work than my previous albums, namely my last two major releases Chikatetsu (2009) and Masked and Dreaming (2011),” says Gerwing. “While Chikatetsu explores the relationship between the individual and our rapidly changing world, and Masked and Dreaming weaves an auditory tapestry based in dream theory and the unconscious, Scorpius Rising focuses on my own personal journey towards becoming a more open, aware, engaged, and loving person. I hope to take listeners on a similar journey.”

Scorpius Rising is available through a number of digital retailers, including the artist’s own site (, iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, CD Baby and more.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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