Canadian Music News: Weekly Update #20140228

Each week, we are overwhelmed with the amount of submissions we get to our Canadian Music News blog, so from now on, I am going to be typing up a summary of the weekly news that were not feature articles on the site. Most of these updates were shared via daily updates on our Facebook page so if you want to stay up to date on Canadian Music News, you should like our page. Thanks!

So, without further ado, here are the weekly Canadian Music News updates for the week of February 23, 2014:

  • The Calgary Herald is reporting that Canadian country music superstar Shania Twain is set to play live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in August
  • Kill Matilda has returned after a health-related break and is set to release new music and go on a Canadian tour
  • The Toronto Star reported that the lineup for this year’s Canadian Music Week has been released
  • Canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy was in the news this month for billing the American government over its use of the bands music to torture Guantanamo Bay prisoners
  • canadian music newsExclaim has reported the lineup for this year’s Montreal SXSW festival
  • Toronto’s Jerry Leger announced new album and Canadian tour
  • Halifax’s Khyber Arts Society was evicted from its facility
  • Protest the Hero posted a new live video for Tilting Against Windmills
  • F**k The Facts released their cover of Warsore’s Thief
  • Alaskan announced in late February that it will be releasing a new album and released the song Inferno
  • 3 Inches of Blood side project Ritual Dictates released new material
  • Wasted Potential has an offer up for pre-orders on their newest 7 inch ep.

If you have any news or updates on the Canadian Music Scene, we would love to hear them so feel free to drop us a line at contact [at] anytime. Thanks

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