What We Are

Canadianmusicnews.net is administered by Destrukto and operated by Revolution Music Canada.

Revolution Music Canada started in 1996 as a loose-knit organization dedicated to supporting the independent Canadian music scene. Revolution Music Canada also hosts Revolution Radio every Friday night at 1am on CILU 102.7FM. In an effort to support independent and underground music from Canada, especially Canadian metal and punk, Revolution Music Canada also publishes this website which features news, interviews and related information on musicians and bands. Additionally, Revolution Music Canada publishes Baycore.net which is a metal and punk community in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Revolution Music Canada’s headquarters is a project recording studio run by Destrukto which is located in Westfort, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. For a list of bands that we have recorded or produced, please see our recording history on bandwiki which also gives more info on our history as an organization.

What We Are Not

Revolution Music Canada generally has no affiliation with the bands and musicians that it features except via basic acquaintance. Revolution Music Canada does not represent nor speak for any of the bands nor is Revolution Music Canada in any financial agreement with any of the musicians or bands that it features on this website or on Revolution Radio. Revolution Music Canada takes no credit related to any of the musicians and bands it features. We are also NOT the same people as the company formerly known as Revolution Music in Oakland, Ontario.

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