REVOLUTION RADIO Playlist for February 12, 2011

Segment 1

That’s right, man, once again you’re back on the craziest radio station in town, CILU Radio 102.7FM: Your only campus and community station in Thunder Bay.

You’re listening to Revolution Radio found right here every single Friday night super late at 1:00am.

Don’t forget to check out for updates on the show and for info and streaming audio on the station.

Tonight, we’re playing all sorts of crazy bands from Canada on Revolution Radio, starting things out here with some songs that were emailed to us recently.

Hard Charger – Blazing Muskets (fredericton nb)
Hard Charger – Broken Clutch
Hard Charger – Ruiner
Sheer Heart Attack – I Got Mine (fredericton nb)
Sheer Heart Attack – My Rules
Sheer Heart Attack – Steel Hand
Ripped To Shit – Burden’s Weight, Eternal Coma (formerly Iron Fist)
A Ghost in Drag – Darkness Lies Ahead (Saskatoon)

And then we’ll be back right here on Revolution Radio. Stick around for an entire hour of crazy Canadian music.

Segment 2

That’s right, you’re listening to Revolution Radio right here super late every single friday night at 1am on the craziest radio station in town, cilu radio 102.7fm with your host of destruction, Dr. Destrukto. Don’t forget to check out the station’s website at luradio for a bunch of crazy stuff on the Internet. Speaking of the Internet, you can also check out for a bunch of metal and punk in Thunder Bay. You can send us emails to

Tonite, we’re playing all sorts of Canadian metal and punk bands here on Revolution Radio. Coming up here we’ve got:

Tugnut – We’ve All Seen the Moon Before (fort frances and cambridge)
Swallowing Shit – Antichrist (Winnipeg)
Knucklehead – Prime Time Reality (Calgary)
Cauldron – Chained Up In Chains (Toronto)

Make sure and stick around man, it’s sure to be a crazy show.

Segment 3

Once again, you’re back here on Revolution Radio super late on 102.7FM LU Radio in Thunder Bay and if you’re streaming on the Internet. Make sure and support LU Radio, however you can, man, because it’s the best thing we’ve got in Thunder Bay.

Tonite, you’re listening to a bunch of crazy Canadian metal and punk bands. Coming up here, we’ve got:

Ken MODE: Bite the Wax Tadpole (Winnipeg)
Gorguts – With their Flesh, He’ll Create (Montreal)
Cryptic Torture – Eternal Winter (Thunder Bay)
Beneath the Massacre – The Surface (Montreal)
Strapping Young Lad – Dire (BC)

Segment 4

Alright man, that’s it for Revolution Radio for the night but make sure and come back next week for another hour of crazy music right here on 102.7FM CILU Radio. Don’t forget to hit,, and Coming up here on our last segment, we have:

After the Bombs – Black Wind of Fear (Montreal)
After the Bombs – Condemned
Putrescence – The Super Flying Off A Roof Happy Show (Winnipeg)
Putrescence – The Slabby and Crimpy Ascension Up the Snivelling Shit
Putrescence – Matchete Through the Head Like Butter

So make sure and stick around and come back next week.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

About the author

Destrukto is a musician, songwriter and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business and computers. Destrukto has spent well over 10 years playing in, recording and promoting Canadian bands.