The Vampire Bats release new video with Jordy Birch

In support of the Vampire Bats debut album, “The Cemetery EP” the band have teamed up with Jordy Birch, the former lead singer for alt-rock legends PURE (“Anna Is A Speedfreak”, “Blast”, “Greedy”), for the video “BABY LIBERTINE”…

This is the second official video by the Vampire Bats who released their album earlier this year on Secret Agent Records and is on it’s way to becoming a underground cult classic! It was made by Flash Action Films which is a video making partnership of Los  Angeles based producer S.J. Sigerson and Marc Godfrey. The video features Julia Mauro in the role of an updated Edie Sedgwick.

the vampire batsThe Vampire Bats started in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2010. The Vampire Bats draw their influences from 80’s Post Punk, Early Goth and Dark Garage Punk with a pop sensibility.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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