Exclusive interview with Adam ThunderWolf Macleod of Until Dawn

until dawnCanadian Music News recently conducted this exclusive interview with Adam ThunderWolf Macleod of Alberta metal band Until Dawn.

Check out Until Dawn’s This Fallen Fortress video below:

1. What is your name and what instrument(s) do you play in Until Dawn?
My name Is Adam ThunderWolf Macleod and I am the lead vocalist for Until Dawn.
2. Until Dawn is a melodic death metal band. How did you originally get into this style of music and how did the band form?
When I was quite young, my older cousins and their friends got me into the heavier side of rock and roll. So I dove deeper into the heavier and faster side of punk and metal. As per how the band formed, all of us we re in bands around town for years and we all got tired of dealing with guys who would rather talk about being in a band. We all have been friends since high school, so it made sense for us to start this band.
3. How is the Alberta metal scene treating you?
So far so good. We’ve had a great crowd response so far on the new record, and have had a chance to play along side of some of our favorite bands and some of our best friends. The is a great metal community in Alberta and it grows everyday with new bands and new people coming to the shows.
4. What do you think about Neil Young’s recent comments on Fort McMurray’s local environment and subsequent banning from local radio station 97.9FM?
Rock 97.9 has supported Until Dawn since day one, so I personally stand by what they are doing. Don t get me wrong Fort Mac isn’t the cleanest place on earth but do some research before you start tell people that there’s been massive deaths is the wild life population. Its just not true. As for old Neil, I am a fan. Rust never sleeps is Awesome. Stick to what you know bud.
5. Is the band your full-time job, or do you have other means of financial support?
I wish it was but its just not there yet. We all work extremely hard to make this band work. But there’s just too many costs that go with this for us to do this full time. We all do work in the oil industry up here but thatss the plan. UNTILDAWN full time.
6. You guys have shared the stage with many bands such as Korn, Volbeat, Kiss, Hell Yeah, etc. Who was the coolest to hang out with?
Usually dealing with these bigger bands they tend to not want to hang out that much with the locals but most of them have been pretty cool. My fav was Vinnie Paul. I met him really quick, but he did have time for a quick shot of crown. Love that dude.
7. Any advice you can give to younger kids who want to join or start a metal band in Canada?
Find the right group of guys first before you make any commitments. Its hard to find a group of people who have the same vision. But when you do, things come together fast.
8. What do you think is the best thing about the Canadian metal scene?
All the bands and the shows. Things are on the up again and there seems to be more bands and the scene is growing. Which is great for us independent bands.
9. What do you think is the worst thing about the Canadian metal scene?
Working with unprofessional promoters. Im not gonna bitch too much here but theres more to the job then making a facebook page and promoting it to your friends. The harder you work the better the reward.

10. What can fans expect next from Until Dawn?
Well we are currently working on some new tracks and a new music video. Also more touring in the future.
Check out the streaming version of Until Dawn’s 2013 release Horizon below:

Check out Until Dawn’s facebook page here.

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