Vancouver’s indie recording studio The Hive to close

the hive creative labsCBC has reported that the Hive Creative Labs in Vancouver is closing its doors after 10 years of operations. The studio has recorded for many acclaimed musicians such as Yukon Blonde, Japandroids and much more.

‘We tried to keep it like family…it was a real blue-collar, mom and pop place.’-Hive engineer Jesse Gander

The studio was run by producers and engineers Colin Stewart and Jesse Gander.  In 2003, Stewart moved his basement studio to a new facility in the Burquitlam area which had been built by a cousin of Jimi Hendrix. The studio was built within a warehouse.

‘I’d like to think we made some of the best music to come out of Vancouver in the past ten years.’-Hive engineer Colin Stewart

The studio leaves behind a legacy of between 800 and 900 recordings of influential Canadian bands that found a home in the Hive’s no-frills approach to sound production. Although the studio is closing, Stewart is planning to open a new studio at his home in Saanich while Gander is relocating to Rain City Recordings.


Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News

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