3 Inches of Blood: Warriors of the Great White North documentary film

3 inches of blood warriors of the great white northAs a massive fan of Canadian metal, I have been excited to see 3 Inches of Blood‘s documentary film “Warriors of the Great White North” since I heard rumors of its production.

Officially released in January of 2014, the film was produced and directed by Tom MacLeod and features the members of 3 Inches of Blood along with a few moments of their fellow Canadian bands Cancer Bats and Barn Burner. With all of the commentary by the band themselves, the film captures the dedication of a heavy metal band touring across their home land of Canada. The nomadic lifestyle of a touring metal band is clearly predominant and is especially visual within the vast and barren landscape of Canada, the Great White North. The candidness of the dialog speaks to everyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to spend your life touring the country in a metal band.

3 Inches of Blood formed in 1999 in British Columbia and plays a form of classic metal that is rooted in thrash, speed metal and power metal. The band’s sound is defined by singer Cam Pipes’ high falsetto vocals.

Reminding me slightly of Anvil’s documentary (Anvil! The Story of Anvil!), the band is not glamourized at all in the film and is instead seems to be barely making enough money to get by. The grit and reality of life on the road while driving for 20 hours at a time shines through at every moment. The long drives and forced closeness of the band mates seems to explode on stage when they get to their next targeted city. The drinking, clowning around, boredom, grit and excitement manifests itself into tight, energetic and authentic performances. 3 Inches of Blood come across as cool, likable characters that enjoy their career choice and love the country of Canada.

The documentary portrays life back stage, in the van and behind the scenes. The long drives, the crappy motels, the new cities. Instead of being larger than life, the band comes across as the kind of guys you’d have a beer with and share some laughs with in the club before or after a gig.

There are no politics, hate or negative vibes that are present in some other music documentaries. The band doesn’t dwell much on any bad times in their past. Instead, Warriors of the Great White North gives hope and anticipation. Although the band is currently touring in a van with a small trailer, they mention early on in the film that the van and trailer is an upgrade from what they previously had. Every tour, every album gets them a bit bigger and a bit closer to their goals as a band.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for 3 Inches of Blood now that their documentary has been released. With some new anthems waiting to be written, they may one day join the ranks of legendary heavy metal stars. As the film says, every day may be cloudy but the future looks bright. Keep your eyes out for their future releases and check out their concerts in your town. And check out their documentary Warriors of the Great White North for a glimpse into the reality of a touring Canadian metal band.

You can purchase the film at http://www.3iobfilm.com

You can view a trailer for the video below:

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