Hogtown Heroes The Rough Boys Overrun Niagara Falls With Their Thrash Punk Rock n’ Roll Rampage




‘Hogtown’ heroes The Rough Boys will be performing with friends Varga and Door to Human Gore on Saturday, September 12th at Northrocks Bar inNiagara Falls, Ontario. As one reviewer put it: “Hide your daughters, hide your wives, The Rough Boys are coming to town and they aren’t discreet!”” – Uysfaber.com

This show is presented by Chronic Aggression Radio on CFBU Brock Radio 103.7 FM in St. Catharines, ON, for more details please visit the following link: http://www.facebook.com/events/407802192691248/

The Rough Boys recently unleashed their new EP ‘Blood, Booze, And Gasoline’ on July 22nd and have made the release available for $6.66 dollars at the following bandcamp link: http://theroughboys1.bandcamp.com/album/blood-booze-and-gasoline-ep

EP Stream – http://soundcloud.com/the-rough-boys/sets/blood-booze-and-gasoline

FREE Download – Hogtown – https://theroughboys1.bandcamp.com/track/hogtown


Born in the village of Parkdale and taking their name from a Neil Young lyric – ‘All those rough boys, playin’ that rock and roll’ – Toronto’s Rough Boys deliver unapologetic, cut-throat rock and roll with a twist.

The band’s third EP, ‘Blood, Booze and Gasoline’ was released July 22, 2014 and offers “bluesy stoner rock songs in a punk metal setting, thus putting us somewhere in a grey area of the heavy music world,” explains vocalist/bassist Tom Gervais. Basically, if it’s an alternative to most of today’s metal genres you’re looking for, you got it!

Packed with aggression and emotion, The Rough Boys’ music is bound to leave you in both shock and awe while forcing you to press ‘Play’ again and again. The band has shared the stage with Cauldron, Fuck the Facts, Axxion, Midnight Malice, Adrenechrome, Saigon Hookers to name a few.

The album is available through Friendly Fire Distro and theroughboys1.bandcamp.com

EPCover - Rough Boys - Blood Booze and Gasoline

Track Listing: The Rough Boys – Blood, Booze and Gasoline
1. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead (2:27)
2. Hogtown (3:57)
3. Blood, Booze and Gasoline (3:05)
4. May Two Four (3:11)

Total Time: 12:42


Music Video ‘Born To Rock’ off Speed EP (2012) – http://youtu.be/vKwZP8wxVns

Music Video for title track off ‘Spithead’ EP (2011) –http://youtu.be/x0ZD8AZpNPE

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Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News