THE BODY POLITIC Premiere ‘Armature’ Guitar Playthrough On; New EP ‘Egressor’ Out Sept. 16th; Performing At Beaver Fest Aug. 29th


Nanaimo, BC six-piece powerhouse THE BODY POLITIC has teamed up for the premiere of their new guitar playthrough for ‘Armature’, the first single off their new EP ‘Egressor’ due out onSeptember 16, 2014. 

To watch the playthrough please visit, the following link:

Guitarist Matt Aasen comments:

“Dan and I had a blast with this playthrough! I’m so excited to have an opportunity to showcase some of the guitar work from ‘Egressor’. Since we have six members, sometimes it can be hard to focus on the individual parts of our songs – especially when each of us is playing something different! Armature is the best example of the kind of musicianship you should expect from the rest of Egressor.”

In additional news, the band will be performing at this year’s Beaver Fest in Valley View, AB on August 29th alongside Protest The Hero, Silverstein, Comeback and many more. For more info, please visit the following link:

The EP is now available in various pre-order packages on Bandcamp here that includes t-shirts, iphone covers and other apparel.

Lyric Video ‘Armature’: 

the body politic - "armature" official lyric video

Free download of ‘Armature’ at the following link: 


Taking their name from a Clive Barker short story and shifting gears from jazz (which most of the members studied at Vancouver Island University) to progressive metal, the band combine poly-metric grooves, aggressive screams and soaring vocal melodies to push the boundaries of modern metal music with technically impressive musicianship to follow up their 2011 debut album ‘All Too Human’ (also available for free download at the following link Their emotionally charged songs incorporate an element of playfulness that has lead THE BODY POLITIC to stand out in a vast metal crowd and to perform opening slots for Tesseract, Protest The Hero and Scale The Summit plus multiple Western Canadian tours with their evolution.

EP Cover - Body Politic - Egressor - 2014

1. Vitam Agere (2:18)

2. Armature (4:12)

3. All Hands (4:53)

4. Swing For The Fences (4:05)

5. Colqhoun (4:13)

6. Irradiate (4:56)

EP Length: 24:39


For more info, please visit the following links:

EP Pre-Order –

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News