Video Every Day for a Year Challenge

Ottawa singer-songwriter Tyler Kealey has made a serious commitment.

The challenge – upload 1 video every day for 1 year.

Currently at song 315, he’s in the last stretch of the year long adventure, and has had a few especially notable videos along the way, including an epic performance of Canadian patriotism on the Rideau canal  (song 48), a tribute to a new silly walking sign in downtown Ottawa (song 228)  and most recently a Beatles tribute on a rooftop (song 291).

The videos are sometimes covers, and sometimes original material (Tyler Kealey Tuesday!).  Tyler has also done many collaborations with local artists.

Please continue along this journey with Tyler – make suggestions!  You never know what will show up next!

tyler kealey ottawa

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News