David Catallo, Flamenco and Classical Guitarist, Releases Debut Album “La Fuente y El Arroyo”

David Catallo La Fuente y El ArroyoDEBUT SOLO ALBUM BY DAVID CATALLO
“Imagine the Gypsy Kings but with one guitar capturing all those sounds.” – Roger Scannura
David Catallo has released his first album entitled “La Fuente y El Arroyo”, featuring solo guitar throughout with highly evocative and entrancing rhythms as well as hypnotic melodies and cerebral musical visions. The album is the culmination of study in the genres of flamenco, world music, and classical guitar and gravitates towards a sound that invokes passion and dazzling colours. His live performances have delighted the public throughout southern Ontario and now you can capture that soulful guitar playing in this debut album. One of the highlights of the album is a rumba, La Musa, which encapsulates the appeal of Spanish flamenco music. It will definitely get you moving in your seat.
David Catallo has studied guitar in the pursuit of expanding his musical landscape to include the influences of African folk, Venezuelan waltzes, Romantic and Baroque classical repertoire and flamenco palos. His pursuits have led him to study with great musicians including Roger Scannura, Lorne Lofsky, Brian Katz, Emma Rush, and Bobby Edwards in addition to playing with bands like Fyahorns and the Brigade, a Soca music band based out of Toronto. He has been playing for weddings and special events as well as providing music at fine dining venues and cafes, enchanting patrons’ evenings with sounds and melodies not often heard in the Great White North. He is presently studying flamenco dance and singing accompaniment with Roger Scannura.
Multiple album release parties have been planned for the 2015 season, and David Catallo will also be performing at venues continually throughout the year, so visit www.davidcatalloguitar.com to keep up to date on all dates and events. As an artist,David Catallo is an up and coming Ontario musician that merits consideration and “El Fuente y El Arroyo” is a fitting prologue to what will certainly be a creative caravan of musical delights in this artist`s future.
 To purchase the Album go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidcatallo
To learn more about David Catallo go to www.davidcatalloguitar.com


Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News