Ottawa’s Neverfriend Release New “Evolve” Album plus “Hurts to Breathe” Music Video

neverfriendOttawa band Neverfriend announced the release of their second album, Evolve, on December 16, 2014.   The “hard punk-ish rock” quartet describes Evolve as a step towards a more developed, focused take on song-writing, with a slew of catchy hooks that grab the ear and won’t let go.

The band decided on the album title after thinking about how the band’s sound had changed since their last album Dangerously Addictive was released in 2013.  With the addition of bassist Logan Bennett to the mix, lending to the push towards a punk influence, and more involvement from everyone in the song-writing process, the nine songs on the album are somewhat less aggressive – not from a performance standpoint – from a lyrical/thematic point-of-view.  Singer Gina credits a sense of maturity as pushing the lyrics towards themes of courage, love, understanding and self-reflection.  While songs like “Don’t Want to Love You” and “Don’t Worry” may point towards a typical love song, the lyrics are more about realizing what’s important to us in our lives, and finally taking action on things moving us away from those we love.  The latest album was produced and mastered by Dan Rogers of From the Frost Audio in Ottawa, again lending the producer’s metal influences into the song production.

The album’s release follows the recent release of the band’s first full production video for “Hurts to Breathe, one of the tracks off the new album and a fan favorite at Neverfriend shows.  The song and lyrics were written by lead guitarist Fraser Smith and showcases the emotional rawness that fans have come to love and expect from the band.

Overall, Evolve features guitar riffs that are more focused; vocals less intentionally aggressive and more expressive; bass and drum parts locked-in and driving, with nods to moments of improvisation or ‘treats’ as the band would describe.  This is Neverfriend – strong hook-driven music with great melodies and lyrics that speak from the heart – definitely a right step in the band’s evolution.

Evolve is now available at for streaming here and for download/purchase from iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon.  Physical copies of the album can also be ordered here.

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Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News