Alt-Rocker Sperry Alan’s autobiographical concept album release

sperry alanNova Scotian alt-rocker “Sperry Alan” JUST RELEASED AN exciting new LP, “Before Our Time“. His juicy Pearl Jam inspired riffing is fused with punk rock like simplicity and distinctive vocal lines to create a iconoclastic release that will leave the listener wholly satisfied.

Unafraid to embrace his folky side, as evidenced by tracks like Made Of Mistakes I Am, Sperry Alan has knitted together an inspiring autobiographical concept record. Documenting the project mastermind, John Alan Sperry’s, journey after the decision not to commit suicide it’s hard not to feel uplifted by music that chooses to remain hopeful despite adversity and provide clues  for the listeners on their own karmic journey. – Independent Music Promotions

The creative energy behind the band is John Alan Sperry, an artist / producer who writes the lyrics and plays the music Sperry Alan publishes. Though memorable and easy to listen to, those songs focus on interesting musical progressions rather than traditional commercial appeal. Sperry Alan’s catalogue of material includes numerous short, well constructed tracks that are an obvious fit for licensing in film. “The Haunting Truth About Haven” (Haven’s Season 3 DVD – TV Series) includes four Sperry Alan songs: “Rod’s One Minute Ride”, “Morning Bird”, “Sober Island” and “Take My Hand”.

Since landing on the music scene in 2004, Sperry Alan has had the privilege of sharing the stage with a number of our East Coast’s most prolific artists and has enjoyed the support of local radio air play.

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News