A music video for the deaf

davidDavid Porteous, a Canadian singer/songwriter, has made his newest music video for his song The Dirt, inclusive for the deaf to experience as well. The music video is viewable online at download-card.com/thedirt

The greatest feeling for any musician is the ability to share their work; it is a nerve-racking moment that can be extremely gratifying. Porteous wanted to share this with the deaf community, who is usually forgotten by the music industry.

Porteous has developed a creative way to share his music to a deaf audience. “As vibration is a common characteristic of both sound and light waves, I began by transcribing my music into colour,” says the Canadian musician “for example, the musical note A shares the same frequency as the colour of a naval orange.”

In the music video, it was decided to not show any instruments in their physical form. Porteous created each instrument by filming various light sources. The texture and placement of each instrument reflects how the audio was recorded and mixed. A survey was conducted to gain insight into how others perceive sound in a visual sense.

“I am so glad that David made this video to give the deaf a way to experience and better understand music, this will definitely help the deaf community” says Jane, Porteous’ deaf friend and inspiration for the video. “This music video was an exciting challenge,” says Porteous, “it brings me great joy to be able to interact with a community that I have previously not been able to share my music with.”

David Porteous, now 31 years-old, resides in Toronto, Canada, where he has been writing, recording, and performing for nearly 20 years. This summer Porteous will be performing across the east coast of Canada on a solo music tour to raise money for The Canadian Women’s Foundation. For more information on him and his music visit www.davidmusic.ca.

The Dirt is a song from Porteous’ new solo music release entitled Leaving April. Leaving April was recorded at Studio W19 in Toronto and at Sigur Rós’ studio in Iceland. The new album is available on iTunes, bandcamp, and his website www.davidmusic.ca.

David Porteous

Written by Destrukto. Original content here: Canadian Music News