Frequently asked questions

What is this site about?

Revolution Music is basically a blog site that is devoted to news about the Canadian music scene.  You might find random mp3’s, video’s, press releases, interviews, news, or pretty much anything that is related to Canadian music.  We try to update the site a few times a week so the content is pretty fresh.

Why did you start the site?

The site was originally started to promote mp3’s but slowly became more news oriented.

What is your goals for the site?

We hope to be a very comprehensive Canadian music news site that is focused on independent Canadian music.

How can I submit info to the site?

You can submit info such as press releases, new video announcements, new releases, tour announcements, etc. by clicking the Submit Content button on the top menu. Try to include as much information as possible and, if you are a Canadian artist, we will post on our next update which usually takes 24-72 hours.

Are you a record label?


Are you a recording studio?

Revolution Music is headquartered at the Revolution Music Studio located in Westfort, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Can I send you my cd’s?

I wouldn’t bother.  They usually just end up in a box in our closet.  Send us an mp3 or youtube/soundcloud/etc link instead please.

Can I post info about my band here?

Not directly.  But if you send us some info, we’ll try and include you somehow.  We post everything that gets emailed to us about Canadian bands.

Can I post mp3’s here?

If you attach an mp3 to contact@canadianmusicnews.com, we will post it for you.

Can I post <whatever> here?

If you email a link to <whatever> to contact@canadianmusicnews.com, we will post it for you.


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