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the marvelous beauhunks

Oshawa’s Marvelous Beauhunks release new EP

Oshawa’s Marvelous Beauhunks have released their new EP “Who Said The Kids Are Alright?”. You can download the album or stream it at the following location. http://themarvelousbeauhunks.bandcamp.com/ The album was…


Canadian metal band Shock to release debut CD

Canadian metal band Shock are set to release their debut CD “Once Denied” on May 4th, 2013. The band has a history going back 25 years. Check out their promotional…

psychotic pulse

Psychotic Pulse release new album

Just wanted to let you guys know that Psychotic Pulse from Toronto, Ontario have just released their debut album. Check it out on the Psychotic Pulse Bandcamp page … it’s…


Light Company to release debut EP April 16th

Light Company are a young and explosive post-rock band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario. The band’s live shows are relentlessly energetic and dynamic, shifting from moments of ambience to complete, yet,…

patron plague of saints

Horror Rockers want you to produce next EP!

Standby Records is bringing Canada’s #1 Horror Rock band – Patron Saint Of Plagues – to their recording studio and the band wants you to be part of the production…


Unbound – Razors Won’t Cut Deep Enough

Here’s an old album from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada featuring the legendary Dan McNabb on vocals. Unbound – Razors Won’t Cut Deep Enough (2000) 1. This Midnight 2. Time Will…

lu radio drive 2013

Support CILU Radio!

This month is CILU radio’s annual fundraising month.  The station is the only station in Thunder Bay that plays a wide variety of independent and underground music genres. The station…

fist fight with gandhi

Fist Fight with Gandhi

Thunder Bay punk band Fist Fight with Gandhi just made some new recordings. We’d appreciate a listen so here’s our latest music video: and this is our facebook page with…

no fun city

No Fun City Documentary

No Fun City is a punk rock journey through Vancouver’s underground music scene exploring the ongoing struggle to keep the scene alive in a city that is hell-bent on shutting…


Vesperia offers entire debut album for free download

Viking/death metal band Vesperia from Oshawa, Ontario is giving their debut album for free.  The album was released under the name Bolero in January of 2011.  The album got a…


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