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Lummox – 10,000 Beers

An awesome song by The Cretin (Murray Acton) of the {{Dayglo Abortions}} from the album “Natural Born Swillers” by LUMMOX. This song is classic Canadian punk rock. Last known lineup:…

REVOLUTION RADIO Playlist for February 19, 2011

Here is an awesome radio show full of songs by awesome Canadian metal and punk bands including some personal favourites by Lummox, Career Suicide, Ottawa and Nomeansno.  Stick around for…

REVOLUTION RADIO Playlist for February 12, 2011

Segment 1 That’s right, man, once again you’re back on the craziest radio station in town, CILU Radio 102.7FM: Your only campus and community station in Thunder Bay. You’re listening…

Punk Rock Canada: Crash’n’Burn Documentary

Crash’n’Burn Check out this documentary about punk rock from Canada circa 1977. The film features Teenage Head, the Dishes, Nazi Dog and the Viletones. The film includes interviews with David…

Speedway Is My Life: The Documentary

Speedway is my Life Here is the true story of The Speedway Detectives, a punk rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada that existed from the late 1997 to 2007….

Punk Rock Documentary: London, Ontario

Stinkin’ Out The Joint A film by Mario Circelli circa 2003 about the local punk rock scene in London, Ontario, Canada in conjunction with “The Doc Days of Winter” series….

REVOLUTION RADIO Playlist for January 1, 2011

DOA – Marijuana Motherf*cker Dayglo Abortions – Marijuanathon Hellyeah – Alcohaulin’ Ass Suicidal Tendencies –  We’re F**kin Evil Rocktruck – Bootleg Case Black Tusk – Falling Down Horfixion – Twisted…


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